Classes at The New Flesh Workshop

New Flesh offers classes on fabrication for various applications such as electronics, animatronics, mold making, body casting, sculpture and engineering . We are currently hosting all-ages classes for adults and children (when accompanied by a guardian), and will soon be offering a dedicated afters-school program for kids ages 8-18 starting with our Fall 2018 Session. We provide fun, hands-on, immersive courses geared towards direct experiential learning. We also host private tutoring sessions by appointment for various topics in Fabrication, Science, Art and Biological sciences.

Parents and children working as teams to make a single in-class project only pay ONE fee!

FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM ON THIS PAGE to sign up for classes. You will receive a separate email with Payment and Terms of Service information once your Registration is processed.

Are you a Tutor looking for a place to teach? Do you have any questions about our courses? Would you like to Volunteer? Contact us at .


October 15-18,

Animatronic Puppet Workshop, 4:30pm-6pm


Monster Mask Workshop, 6pm-9pm

(All-Ages, Some students under 18 may require accompaniment)

Cost: $300

December 10-13

Hacker Club : Flight, 4:30pm-5:45pm

(Students ages 8-18)


Metal Casting Workshop, 6pm-9pm

(All-Ages, Some students under 18 may require accompaniment)

Cost: $300


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