The New Flesh Workshop exists to bridge the gaps between Art, Medicine, Life and Technology.  By providing a comprehensive approach to biotechnological design,  we create solutions for unlocking the utmost potential of the human form, inside and out.

The New Flesh Workshop (NFW) is a design and fabrication company specializing in customized prosthetic and orthotic devices, wearable technologies, armor systems, composite materials, and biomedical devices.


Seth "DR.adventure" Kane

Owner, Lead Designer/Fabricator, Holistic Superhuman Technologist, Cyborg Test Pilot



Paul Tupek

Designer, Fabricator, Guinea Pig


Raised in the tundra and taiga of North Pole, Alaska, Paul Tupek exhibited signs of being a crafts-person early on. As a child he enjoyed smithing nails into small swords for his G.I. Joes and creating various lures for fly fishing. While honing his sub-Arctic survival skills and enduring earthquakes, moose, even a tsunami (once) he also found time to study knife making and anthropology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. After traveling around the lower 48 working as a fishmonger and butcher he decided to visit his brother in NYC who convinced him to stay. Since planting feet here in 2006 he has worked on various blue ribbon-winning Maker Faire projects, was on a team that won best Industrial Design at the Idiotarod, and studied leather-working at FIT (his wares can be found at Gothic Renaissance and custom pieces can be commissioned). He currently lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend and two alien cats, works as stage technician, and continually works on costumes and various art projects in his spare time. He joined the New Flesh Workshop in 2013 as a fabricator and soon worked his way up to becoming a designer and guinea pig. Many years and many mini sledge hammer hits later, a solid bond was formed. His favorite aspect of the New Flesh Workshop is the shared goal of creating wearable technology available to everyday people, and in turn creating superheroes.


Randy RAnderson

Technical Adviser, Design MacGyver, & crash test dummy

Randy's tenure at the New Flesh Workshop began when Doc Adventure saved his life from a man-sized tarantula back in 2010. Before then, he worked on projects in biomemetic carbon sequestration, IED blast protection, and on forming a functional adult human being. After spending 3 years with Doc training in prognostics, personal development, and high powered fully functional personnel protective suits, Randy burnt everything he owned. He then rode a motorcycle around the country for a year. Clearly, Doc Adventure is a good influence. You can now find Randy in Oakland, California, where he's established a shop of his own. Within, he creates post-apocalyptic future tribalistic sculptures, large-scale installations, custom sensor solutions, art cars, LED fixtures, and just about anything else one can dream up. In his spare time, he is employed by UC Berkeley to run the Digital Fabrication Lab, where he manages and maintains a bevvy of laser cutters, 3D printers, and other CNC equipment.